Life after death Research

When I was ten years of age in 1967 I fell asleep
face down in my pillow, I then floated out up a tunnel for about two minutes.
This was very small like a dream and at the end of the tunnel I meet my grandmother who had died in 1947.
This experience was so amazing I used to repeat it many times until one time I worried would I kill myself so I stopped doing it.
I am a electronics, radio & television engineer by trade and the type of person who likes to know how everything works both in science and nature.
Going down to fundamental levels, everything in the universe is made up of atoms and energy.

For Good luck, "Just Do Good Deeds & Expect No Reward" (Karma)

This lady has the entire meaning of life & death
worked out for all of us here on earth,

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Karma works because spiritual forces that are of good intent,
can and do alter your real time and luck in many ways, just imagine someone
is watching us and our actions, call them your guardian angel.
I once helped a disabled man by giving him a book gift he really wanted,
after I did this, my luck for the next six months was amazing. 
But I did not expect the good luck, had I done the good deed
to obtain luck, it would not have worked as that's a form of greed. 
There are evil spirits out there too, one thing you must never do is use a
Ouija Board
Also try not to take your own life, as it may not be your time to return and you could be
stuck here wandering around as a lost soul,always ask for help.

Earth time is all based on good & evil events 24/7 in the form of many lessons.
A spiritual medium told me we are all here to learn lessons, which means 
"Everything must happen for a reason"    

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How the energy soul system works 

Because we are just energy which hosts a human body,
this energy works on quantum physics which has many amazing properties. Not only can you reincarnate but you can time travel forwards and backwards because your spiritual soul which is only has a mass of 28 grams known as a orb, is influenced by quantum entanglement.
This explains why there are people being born that go on to innovate 
our new future with new technology way ahead of its time. Nicola Tesla was such a person with his many future inventions. He was probably from our future where maybe he was a science teacher or engineer. Sometimes we do remember our past lives and they bleed into 
your brain.

If you have lost a loved one please do not worry we never die
we are all spiritual energy which hosts our earth bodies.

So don't worry about loosing someone we never die
energy cannot be destroyed it only moves on.
Just remember to care and be a good soul on this planet.